It's time for change

Dear friends, clients & suppliers

I am sitting in our sunny studio in Rosebank while writing this letter with a big smile on my face. I feel so at peace and the words seem to flow much more easily from my heart than I thought they would. You know how that old saying goes - the only thing that is constant is change…well change is once again on the horison for me.

I remember when I started dreaming about Canvas. I was still a banker - yes, it’s true ;) And although I really loved my job, it was always just a job. I wanted to have something more. Something that could bridge that curious gap between work and play. Something that I could do every day, become every day. My husband designed and framed this little print in beautiful Helvetica type, which reads, “Live your Love” and I knew that that was my life’s instruction. I needed to live my love. My love? A secret drawer in the guest bedroom filled with the most beautiful papers and stationery that I’ve collected over the years and never had the heart to use. So that was it. I would go into paper! Paper and the most beautiful words that I could muster thereon. And the rest as they say is history.

Since I founded Canvas Stationery Boutique in 2009, every day has exceeded the expectations of the one before. I am astounded at how this business has grown in clients and reputation and I can’t remember when last there has been a ‘quiet day at the office’. It started as wedding invitations, soon became an everything-stationery-place and before I knew it we were working on so many boutique brands and taking in more and more corporate projects.

I’ve enjoyed every single moment of this journey, but if I have to be completely honest with myself - the core of what this business is about is being overlooked. Canvas has been such a big part of me that it continued to change with me.  Canvas moves into different industries as my own curiosity takes me there, slows down when I slow down and changes direction as I change my mind. But this is no longer a one-woman show where I get to come and go as I please or change my mind like the weather… it has become more. The team has grown and so has our client base and what this business needs is even more focus on its core business, even more emphasis on its existing client base, even more specialisation.
Canvas has outgrown its creator.

And so the time has come for us to part ways, to say our good-byes, for me to leave it in the hands of someone who will take as good care of it as I have always set out to do.

The backend operations of Canvas Stationery Boutique are being acquired by one of our trusted suppliers. They are located just down the road from us and will be following our exact design and production process and are just as passionate about design and quality as we are. They have the wonderful fortune of inheriting our team, which means that even though you will be dealing with a new name; you will be met with familiar faces when you meet with them. I will introduce them in due course - as you can imagine, they have loads on their plates getting ready for big business in August this year! So please watch this space . . .

I have worked with such wonderful clients of which some have become dear, dear friends. I have been amazed at the commitment that I’ve received from suppliers and I have been fortunate enough to work with big names but even bigger hearts. Beyond everything I have been part of a team that has taught me so much and whom I love like family and I will always carry the lessons that each of you have taught me in my heart.

I am busy wrapping up on all of my projects at Canvas, and I am already working on some truly inspiring projects that will become this new chapter in my life.

A huge thanks to each and every one of you!

Goodbye for now! I’m sure we will meet again.
xx Carike

P.s. If you need any more info or need to have some design work done, email me and I will make sure that your message gets to the right place!